Two Hands Lily's Garden Shiraz 2014

Two Hands Lily’s Garden Shiraz 2014

I've been longing to try the Two Hands wines, so you can imagine my joy in coming across this Lily's Garden Shiraz 2014. The nose explodes with juicy blueberries and ripe boysenberries followed by a lovely lingering top note of violets, anise and eucalyptus. My scrawled notes read, "a pleasure bomb" which differs from a fruit bomb in that all the elements here are in check. The core is incredibly silky, satiny and almost creamy with sumptuous black fruit, but it's well balanced structurally and in terms of acid. 14.5% ABV | Sample Two Hands 9.2 Points...

Tir Na N'og Old Vines Grenache 2008

Tir Na N’og Old Vines Grenache 2008

I couldn't find any evidence that Tir Na N'Og is still in existence, it would seem that the last vintage on the market is the 2008. At any rate, its developed nicely, with a juicy pop of red fruit—strawberries, raspberries and lovely secondary notes of Asian spice, sandalwood, and incense. Lightly-styled and rather sleek despite a 14.5% ABV, there is considerable acidity too, along the lines of tart cranberries or pie cherry. Finishes on an herbal note. 8.7 Points...

Hardy Wine Company Eileen Hardy Shiraz 1998

Hardy Wine Company Eileen Hardy Shiraz 1998

Eileen Hardy 1998 Shriaz is well within it's optimum drinking window. Concentrated and elegant, this McLaren Vale Shiraz offers up a fragrant mix of dusty roadside blackberries, black cherries, cinnamon stick, wood spice, sandalwood, and cedar. Medium-bodied, with nicely integrated oak, and juicy black fruit—there is a nice interplay of earthiness, savoriness and even a touch of minerality on a lengthy and utterly pleasing finish. Hardy's Wines 9.1 Points  ...