Coronica 'CO' Dry Red Wine 2014

Coronica ‘CO’ Dry Red Wine 2014

My first Croatian wine, 'CO' or Crno Vino, which simply means red wine, is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Kraški Teran, a dark-skinned member of the Refosco family of grapes. I'm amazed at how gamey it is, with even a touch of rancio that translates as very-aged Iberico ham, along with dusty, clayey soils, roasted plums, dried orange peel, spice and violets. In the mouth, it’s quite silky with very subtle sweetness at the core, bolstered by moderate acidity and a subtle finish of dried herbs, perhaps bay leaf, and green olive. 12% ABV | Sample Coronica Winery 8.9 Points...