Vietti Moscato d'Asti Cascinetta 2015

Vietti Moscato d’Asti Cascinetta 2015

An affordable holiday bubbly—Vietti's 2015 Moscato d'Asti Cascinetta has a classic profile for the varietal. Lovely notes of baked apple and poached pear lie well beneath granulated honey, star gazer lilly and chamomile. At 5% ABV, it's quaffable and charming. — August 11, 2017 I have a weakness for Vietti's Moscato d'Asti Cascinetta, the 2015 is no exception, offering a nose of honey, chamomile and bruised pear. Nice concentration and viscosity with enough acidity to keep it light and lively. Yes! — November 27, 2016 Vietti 8.9 Points...

Martini & Rossi Spumante Rosé NV

Martini & Rossi Spumante Rosé NV

A fun, festive porch wine, this charming rosé was the first in a lineup of Bubbly Pinks at Pebble Beach Food & Wine. The Martini & Rossi Rosé NV opens with a lively and classic Muscat-ish nose of honey and chamomile flowers. The mousse is fine, yet spirited and there is enough acidity to give lift to a very sweet countenance. Best served cold, really cold, with a light, slightly sweet cake topped with summer berries or alongside a refreshing sorbet. Sample Martini & Rossi S.P.A. 8.6 Points...